A beautiful collection of lofi folk tunes by multi-talented composer Ben McElroy. Rustic violins, cellos and acoustic guitars with the occasional minimal rhythmic accompaniment.
A gentle collection of acoustic pickings, most with light accompaniments of cellos, shakers, and the odd piano
A selection of propulsive synthesiser based moods and tempos united by a driving vibe.
A selection of relaxing and thoughtful moods with which to float into a reverie. Chilled synthesiser soundscapes, gentle beats and the occasional guitar
A collection of tense drone-based soundscapes setting the scene for a bleak journey into a world of unsettling thoughts
An exotic blend of sounds from the east. Sitars, tabla, flutes and more take centre stage in this fusion of sounds from the Orient
A second collection of tense drone-based soundscapes setting the scene for another bleak journey into a world of unsettling thoughts.
The relaxing feelgood flavour of soaking up the sun on the costas. Perfect exotic chilled daytime tunes.
A selection of cool noire themed tracks dripping with intrigue. Plenty of zithers, dulcimers and mystery.
A mix of Latin styles focusing on Cuba. From upbeat to downbeat, with brass, pianos and percussion a plenty.
Easy instrumental jazz moods from laid back to frisky. Pianos, brass, guitars and the odd marimba with a breezy outlook.
A selection of threatening and uneasy atmospheres from ticking time bombs to icy soundscapes.
A selection of gentle piano pieces with solo soft felt pianos from melancholy to peaceful via bittersweet.
An album of electronic music of varying styles from James Flower of cult indie rockers Six by Seven. From big beats to haunted soundscapes via minimal...
Upbeat tunes with bags of brass. A mix of soul, funk and other styles with a bright outlook.
Fiddles and banjos galore in this energetic variety pack of country music. Just the ticket for a Hoedown or Linedance.
The sounds of Krautrock - Motorik Beats, driving guitars and vintage synths.
A collection of light classical pieces. Stately homes, teadances, string quartets... you get the idea.
Playful and jaunty. Plenty of pizzicato fun and tuned percussion motifs.
A shimmering blend of strings, electronica and the occasional piano creates a reflective glade of melancholic beauty.

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